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tv   Pre- Crime  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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it is ground that's going to farrar as leader of the brics it policy but few doubt johnson he famously made the now defunct claim breaks it would say $350000000.00 pounds a week is headed for 10 downing street here to see if the fact that we are back to get the prime minister in place and on a very very very slow and incredibly unrepresentative portion of the population has elected who is peddling the worst kind of bricks and a new deal crush out bricks that no jobs young people's opportunities and potentially even peace mainly it's boris johnson and his commitment to leaving the youth home what may that's motivating many of these protests is ironically the chances of a no deal breaks it may have diminished in the last few days. this week britain's independent economic full cost set a new deal brics it would plunge the economy into recession next year chunks of the philip hammond has hinted he would vote against his own government to stop
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a no deal scenario. in some cabinet colleagues rebelled in a commons vote which effectively stops the prime minister suspending parliament in the run up to the brics it deadline at the end of october still the threat remains real for these marches and with an early election a real possibility they want the politicians to listen to the. numbers. still to come on al-jazeera t.v. suspects arrested over the killing of a turkish diplomat in iraq. and the skatepark giving syrian children the chance to dream of a limpid. well it is sunny nossa dry picture across china. but the rains are far more spread than
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they have been you can see here on the satellite we have got some areas of land showing through quite of the clouds along all of these coastal areas and the rain is a say is still in the forecast but really it's a little bit more sporadic we've got a lot of cloud generally in the picture mostly dry day in hong kong with a high there of 33 celsius you that's on sunday or monday little bit cooler still quite humid of course this time of year and we have got a lot of class but you'll see the rain is not really focusing on any one areas that's actually quite good news given that we're still dealing of course with some areas that are under water that we had to the south across into borneo we will see off the new shots and thunderstorms faily good there the last few hours but the rains ramping up really out towards the west across the malaysian peninsula also thailand vietnam cambodia you can't really see much land mass there there's a lot of cloud and also the rain is really quite spread as we head into monday so much of it care 30 celsius in singapore and we'll see 34 degrees few in kuala lumpur then we head towards india now the warnings at the moment for the monsoon rains actually across the south and the southwest carola states some very heavy
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rains in the forecast we have that monsoon rains elsewhere it's been easing off those you have through sunday and monday and a hot day again in new delhi with a high of 35. the weather sponsored by cattle and. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true there is water privatisation on anybody seriously. those people who see everything as something to invest a profit of they want all up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera quick demise or over the top stories this hour. u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt's is warning of changes to international shipping after a british flight timecode was seized in the straits of hormuz and called it a hostile acts and is expected to announce further measures against iran on monday . british airways and german airlines have tons of suspended flights to egypt's capital cairo citing security concerns to be a suspension will last 7 days airline has given no details about what prompted the move. and fires as a people of rallies in london and a march against both leaving the european union and the mountain to become the next prime minister organizers say they want to send a pro europe message to boris johnson. and the u.s.
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has used the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing to announce a new nasa space capsule is ready for a future manned missions vice president mike pence was joined by the side. of near long strong 1st month set foot on the maine and astronauts a buzz aldrin at the apollo 11 launch sites in florida penn says the arsonist one mission will put americans back on the main by 2024. hours. well celebrations are being held to mark the moments neil armstrong steps off the eagle lunar lander mortal and on to the moon surface on june 20th 1969 more than half a 1000000000 people of ryan the world's changed in to watch the events for russell and george and joins us now live from the smithsonian air and space museum in washington d.c.
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and also in a very big day washington what's happening where you are. but it's not just a big day here in washington hala it's also a big day down in florida where the u.s. vice president mike pence was visiting cape canaveral it's a very big day in houston which is home to the johnson space center is here mission control which of course was in communication with the crew of apollo 11 as it was making its landing on the moon and taking its 1st steps this is of course a nationwide celebration and really a global celebration but of course here in washington they're going to be celebrating into the wee hours going back to that moment just about 50 years ago as you can see on this vintage issue of like magazine where they really celebrating the fact that for the 1st time ever in human history a person would actually setting foot on the earth's closest neighbor that it never
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been done before and when you consider that this is coming just 66 years after the 1st manned flight at kitty hawk north carolina it really. is a more of all of science and of. ingenuity and of know how but one of the curators here at the air and space museum told me a short while ago that the technology and the knowledge and the mathematics have always been there it's really been about summoning good will in order to make something such as a lunar landing actually take place. ross have been hearing about the celebrations of pasta chief man spoke there really has been and i firmly on the future has there not. well it's really coming down to a question of political will you have seen a presidency into the 1970 s. even after the landing of apollo 11 in 1600 there was talk of the then of
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trying to set up a program at nasa in order to get humanity onto the mars surface of course that never happened more recently there was a serious talk of perhaps starting another lunar mission program but the obama administration said we're not going to do that it's already been done let's focus instead on mars the trumpet ministration has been criticized for perhaps taking a step backwards but others will argue that when you look at what the current vision for the artemis program would be it would be essentially to establish a way station on the moon so that astronauts from all nations could use that as a hub in order to explore other parts of the solar system so it really comes down to one getting the a political establishment behind it because along with political support comes financial support right now the very 1st year funding for art in this
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is just about one point $6000000000.00 when you compare that to how much it cost to carry out the apollo $11.00 mission of $25000000000.00 it does appear that much more needs to be spent in order to make this deadline of 2024 come true ok roselyn jordan have to leave it there but thanks very much indeed for that update from washington d.c. . and to answer some of the cosmonauts have blasted off into space and talks with the international space station only one of the crew members 53 year old alexander scored so ford's board sorry i'm over the moon landing or the space station has been orbiting earth since $0.90 is a rare example of cooperation between russia and the west so they need snare in the sea main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested under accuses muslim mohammed best use of killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people
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on whedon's say it's believed the suspects are members of the armed kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. the group is classed as a terrorist organization by turkey and the us natasha game has more from erbil. kurdish intelligence is confirming that at least 2 members of the team that assassinated a turkish diplomat are in custody they say they have their shooter and he is 27 year old muslim dag dag and several others or accused of driving to a restaurant in erbil on wednesday as turkish diplomat osman corsa and his bodyguard sat inside eating lunch dag is accused of shooting and killing him he also killed allegedly 2 iraqi kurds friends who were sitting at a nearby table kurdish intelligence identified on friday and widely distributed
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his photo asking the public for assistance according to investigators day had been a member of the p.k. k. and he'd been training at a camp here in northern iraq he allegedly was at this camp 4 times in the last week is also the brother of a member of the turkish parliament representing a pro kurdish party no comment from dags family however the political party released a statement on friday condemning the shootings and saying that this accusation is intended to undermine the political party's peaceful agenda. thousands of supporters approach china groups of held a rally in hong kong organizers say it was to condemn violent acts here in recent protests and to show support for hong kong's police. reports. in a city more used to protest against its government this day belong to the pro
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establishment camp thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association worried the continuing unrest is hurting hong kong's economy. we are hunkering people but we seen on t.v. a lot of people coming out because of the chaos and we need to protect our home we need to create more positive energy but as well as people from hong kong it was clear many protesters were being brought in as organized groups from mainland china still they would argue as a chinese city they have the right to defend it and its embattled police force
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accused by protesters of using brutality to break up largely peaceful demonstrations far from using excessive force these people say the police have shown remarkable restraint against hostile demonstrators and have paid a heavy price in terms of offices injured it comes amid reports that morale in the police force is also suffering and on saturday news of a new threat as this standoff continues police show off a cache of weapons they say they seized in a raid on a warehouse unit that included a large quantity of an explosive often used in bomb making along with material. linked to the movement opposed to a proposed extradition law that's now been suspended at the moment we're still investigating the motive. of that trial fences and whether the explosives what other uses of that explosive we're still investigating with no
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concrete evidence to prove that it is relating or not relating to the incident to mark the tomorrow he's referring to is sunday which will see another big rally by the pro-democracy groups still angry at what they see is the growing influence from mainland china rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong. more than 20000 people have protested through moscow over the city's council elections they are actual commission refused to put around 30 popular opposition candidates on the ballots barred hopefuls claim they secured the required number of signatures to van but were excluded for not speaking loyal to president vladimir putin there are no cause for authorities to let the candidates take part in september's for its. at least 39 people have died as a result of the monsoon rains and flooding in northeast india and millions of others have been forced from their homes but wildlife is also at risk and india's
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park is the largest population of the protected one horn's indian rhino more than 100 animals have died the torah gately reports. marooned on what looks like an island these one honed rhinos in buffalo have no choice but to wait for the floodwaters to recede they've taken refuge on one of 33 artificial highlands built 3 years ago at catherine national park they almost certainly would not have survived otherwise. i wouldn't do thanks to a concert that i wanted to last year out of your concert at around 1000 kilometers or the 3rd or. so it. was this baby rhino didn't get to higher land in time to escape the flood water instead after numerous attempts a rescue team succeeded in dragging the panicked kaf to safety catherine the national park is home to several protected and endangered species but it's the
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conservation success of the one honed indian rhino it's turned this park into a world heritage site. but the animals still face 2 big threats the annual months in floods and poaches the park has 199 and watch towers most of which are currently surrounded by flood water ranges are working round the clock where the poaches may take advantage of the diet conditions to launch more attacks . there to here we've been very vigilant we keep a close eye on the animals day and night i'm expecting more poachers to come now because they take more chances during the ryans india rhinos were once close to extinction today there are nearly $3000.00 and catherine gear is home to more than 80 percent of them the demand for rhino horns in neighboring south east asia remains a huge threat as do the monsoon rains victoria gave him be al-jazeera. the
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united states is sweltering through another heat wave for temperatures exceeding 38 degrees in some cities and ash the weather service has urged people to stay inside keep hide traces and watch out for the sick and the elderly heat wave has already claimed 6 lies including 4 in the states of maryland escape boarding will make its debut as an olympic sports next year in tokyo and the path to a limpid quarry has just been made easier for a group of displaced syrian children who dream of one day becoming a professional skaters. reports. mohammed has been knocked down more times than he can count now she asked if i had my arms legs and shoulder fighting force the 13 year old from his home in eastern hutto 7 years ago and despite watching skateboarding videos for years he's only just learned how to write
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i can now news envision where we used to sit under skateboard we didn't know how to stand up on it because we never experienced it before german n.g.o.s skated as both a state park in his hometown of damascus so other children can learn the sport with the hope that one day one of them can turn pro one of the really important thing is and that's to it's very good and this country is always conflict stable i think shows most important thing in their lives is to have to stand up one more busy so and you will fall down when these kids may not be carving up in tokyo next year but it's hoped this project will help them achieve their dreams and maybe even find the next skating superstar for that worth al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt is warning of dangers to international shipping after
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a british 5 tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz on's called it a hostile acts and is expected to announce further measures against iran on monday this is about safety and security in british international shipping in one of the most important seaways in the world. that is why we are calling on iran to reverse this illegal we are looking for ways to deescalate the situation but we are also very clear that we will do what it takes to assure the safety and security of british and international. british airways and german airline with tons of have suspended fight c egypt's capital cairo citing security concerns would be a suspension will last 7 days the airline has given no details about what's prompted the move tens of thousands of people have rallied in london a march against both leaving the european union and the man to become the next prime minister organizers say they want to send
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a pro europe message to boris johnson. the 2 main suspects by the murder of a turkish diplomats in northern iraq have been arrested on her keys is muslim and mohammed best use of killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on weapons day is believed the suspects are members of the armed kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. more than $20000.00 people have protested in moscow over the city's council elections the electoral commission refused to curt's around 30 popular opposition candidates on the ballot. the u.s. has used the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing tonight as a new nasa space capsule is ready for future manned missions vice president mike pence was joined by the son of neil armstrong the 1st man set foot on the moon and astronaut buzz aldrin at the apollo 11 launch site in florida fences the artemis one mission will put americans back on them in
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a 2024 and that's here today. is up next the back half of. tensions between iran and the west our brains and another notch iran detains a british oil town for 2 weeks out in the u.k. seized one of its ships well tehran and london find compromise is a situation going to spiral out of control this is in size.
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and welcome to the program and fully back when the u.k. sees an iranian oil tanker 2 weeks ago tehran warned of retaliation when it appears iran has carried out that threat iranian revolutionary guards detained a british vessel in the strait of hormuz on friday it was sailing towards a saudi port when it suddenly changed course a powerful council that works closely with iran's supreme leader says a seizure is in response to the you came pounding any raney and tanka tehran earlier said the step in and para was involved in an accident with any rainy and fishing boat. before we were informed that a british flag to oil tank it collided with a fishing boat which tried to contact the tanker and find out how the accident happened but unfortunately the british tanker didn't respond and changed his direction changing direction in that fashion is against international regulations it could lead to new accidents therefore we requested help from military forces it
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should issue authorities in the region to tackle was directed to ponder about sports and history custody of the order of judicial authorities while britain has summoned iran's envoy to the u.k. and its foreign secretary says he's worried iran may be going down a dangerous path need baka has more from london. britain has said that there will be a considered and rebuffed response to the seizure of a british tanker in the strait of hormuz if according to jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary the tank isn't released soon there will be serious consequences the foreign secretary tweeted on saturday morning calling the seizure of the tanker illegal in sharp contrast to what he said was the legal detention over the rainy and vessel the beginning of july off the coast of gibraltar that vessel is accused of carrying oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions and on friday the authorities in gibraltar determined that vessel should
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be detained for a further 30 days this is very much being seen in the u.k. as a tit for tat seizure but as we know that the greeks one vessel off gibraltar is going through some sort of legal process it's not as simple as simply allowing the grace want to go free and hoping that the iranians will will follow suit as well when it comes to the strait of hormuz well it is hugely important strategically politically and economically 18 and a half 1000000 barrels of oil a day flow through the strait in comparison to 5000000 that goes through the suez canal it's hugely important for crude oil producing countries in the region when it comes to allowing their goods to go to global markets as well this will undoubtedly and will have a political and economic impact not only in the region but globally as well this is the parker for inside story. well there's been
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a series of incidents around the strait of hormuz since president trample the us out of the 2050 nuclear deal and impose new sanctions on iran in may the united arab emirates said 4 of its oil tankers were targeted off its coals and saudi arabia reported 2 of its ships were attacked last month 2 vessels know each in n. japanese owned were hits by blasts that cause major fires in the gulf of oman in june iran said it shot down a u.s. drone which violated this as space this month july 4th british royal marines seize any rainy and tanker brotha suspected of carrying oil bound for syria 2 weeks later president donald trump said the u.s. military had taken down an iranian drone that came too close to one of its naval vessels in the strait of hormuz but iran denied the drone was shot down. to a stabbing in our guests for today's inside story joining us from london andrea's creagh assistant professor in the defense studies
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department at king's college london in tehran we've got. a political commentator and lecturer at the university of applied sciences and in washington d.c. joel rubin president of the washington strategy group a national security consulting firm welcome to you all gentlemen thank you so much for being on inside story mostafa what legitimate basis does iran have for seizing this british ship what rules have been broken for the revolutionary guards to seize this british tanker. hello as a mother effect there are a number of reasons that could justify this seizure 1st and foremost as you heard during the package your reporter said there's been a collision and unfortunately the tanker has defied calls by that fishing boat it never return the calls and it's stuff this tracking system in then the rain in boat
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filed a complaint at this state poort shipping and maritime organization who asked the judiciary to issue a courtroom wing for the seizure of the tanker and the i i just the only comply with the court's ruling so that's according to maritime rules and regulations international maritime rules and regulations in to protect safety of navigation and shipping in the strait of hormuz which is very much crowded you know these days especially we need to protect the everything and the strait of for most flight but let me ask you a voyage and unnecessary isolation scene for this british to admonish tank not retaliation for the grace one iranian tanker that was season gibraltar 2 weeks ago . i was explaining the same fact that as a matter of fact you know a several 100 or all tens of boats and tankers. go through the
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strait of hormuz on a daily basis and some of them you know violate the procedures that are in place and have been in place for the last several decades but iran normally warns them and let them continue their voyage and sailing but when iran has been approached by the u.k. through a hostile action and its ship has been supertankers been seized then there wouldn't be any reason left for iran to show kindness and therefore it goes for a serious practice of a strict rules that they need to practice actually in order to protect the lives of the people and the environment on the other hand according to international law when a hostile actions are taken by a nation that would harm a 2nd nation that 2nd nation is entitle to take reciprocal action according to international law as long as of the 1st nation continues to inflict harm on
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this harmed nation the nation let me bring in andrea what they want us done is totally justifiable you say what iran has done is justifiable andrea's creagh in london the rising tensions certainly couldn't come at a worse time for the u.k. jeremy hunt the foreign secretary is in the midst of a leadership election campaign to replace theresa may as prime minister he's warned of serious consequences what do you expect those consequences will be and what can britain realistically do here yes thank you i mean he said the response would be robust would iran not go further and actually release the tank immediately the question here is what can the u.k. do at the moment i think the u.k. is obviously both down in a lot of domestic internal political quite well. fires where it's very difficult to get out of that we need to look at the levers of power that the u.k. has at its disposal at the moment in the gulf and so the royal navy navy has a presence in bahrain they are sending another for
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a good and warship into the region but from a naval point of view looking at the platforms at 3 platforms at the royal navy's not iran if you will have it's very very difficult to actually really you know make use make use of their power and and especially against another symmetric threat that comes from iran and then looking at diplomatic leaves of power we shouldn't you know we need to understand that here from the western point to be more generally usually in this kind of situation you're using gauge me but you try to use you need to have a concept of component to actually put pressure on the iranians and that kind of course of measures these have been already kind of exploited to its maximum. because of you know this maximum pressure complain and we have very very few means available now to bring more pressure on iran because the sanctions already have meg been maxed out let me just ask you before i bring in joel in washington andrea as why did the brits sees the u.n. in tanker in gibraltar 2 weeks ago at the iranian billie's at the u.k.
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following u.s. orders here what is the u.k.'s role in this dispute i mean look the maximum pressure can pay and obviously is an american thing but it obviously brings all the parties to the j sapir way to the table and obviously britain is part of that a britain isn't a very ambiguous situation because on the one hand they do want to leave any back door open for negotiations and engagement with iran to make this success despite all the pressure but on the other hand they're also trying to suggest to to washington that they will take action whenever you iran is in breach of international law and and sanctions and that particular the was the case with that oil tanker that went against you law and sanctions to deliver all to the syrian regime so it was taking illegitimate unlawful actions in that respect and it's also about signalling to the us that you. britain will not be soft on iran when it isn't breached in the same goes to the hezbollah decision a couple of months ago to a basically target as well as a terrorist organization which again is in line with the truck ministrations hard
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line view on iran's activities across the region but all that being said they're trying to balance this with a diplomatic engagement trying to suggest to the iranians that we're still willing to talk but there are certain red lines that britain wants to enforce and that's what they did. in tehran doesn't agree with you i'll bring you in in just a 2nd mustafa but let me just say get joel rubin is a few fries joe how do you view this latest escalation in the region is it a foreseeable response to britain seizure of the iranian tanker in gibran to 2 weeks ago well this incident is not just and was not just foreseeable but the entire tit for tat explanation that we had earlier of drones being shot down both sides that was all highly predictable the american policy in this president trumps policy is i believe ultimately to try to break the regime it's a maximum pressure policy and it has not led to diplomatic engagement so we're in
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a very dangerous spot right now we're in a tinder box of this back and forth about who's right to seize who's ship and who has legitimacy and who doesn't is completely the wrong conversation for what we should be having you think but here we are adhesion behind your conversation about actually diplomacy yeah do you think this incident gives admonition to hardline voices in the u.s. like john bolton who want regime change which. without a doubt this is this is intentional to create this pressure cooker to try to see if if the regime in iran of into iran will do acts like this that are dangerous and risky and provocative and they are that's that's intentional to try to find a predicate to launch military strikes we have to remember here in washington there's not a lot of support in fact there's very minimal support for military action just last week the house of representatives passed leg which on a bipartisan basis requiring specific authorization by the president to go to war
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with iran so the temperature here towards war is very very cold but that means that there have to be other avenues and so the administration they see this is a win win for them iran behaving badly maximum pressure still on and hopefully from their perspective getting allies like britain who wanted to stay in the nuclear deal to change their attitude towards iran and get more bellicose all right let's take a closer look now at why the strait of hormuz is so important it's the only sea passage linking the gulf spigot on produces to the rest of the world 17000000000 barrels of oil flow through this waterway every day that's a 5th of the well supply it's only 33 kilometers wide and it's now it's at its narrowest point and 3 if the brakes are temporarily holding shipping in the strait of hormuz this is a vital international shipping route how can freedom of navigation be maintained now. very difficult as i said before the iranians are not working in
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a conventional space the form of from a maritime point of view they're not using merit and conventional maritime power so by just putting and i think it's important 1st step that the united states already suggested i think britain will be on board as well is creating a multilateral maritime mission in the region to to basically create a deterrent regime against the r.g.c. as unconventional as symmetric methods and strategies in place but that on its own as i said is not going to be enough because you know if you use if you look at what how the iranians operate look using smaller skiffs smaller boats smaller vessels to harass a much bigger. tankers and then looking at the limited number of capacity that the us britain and also the g.c.c. states have in terms of naval capacity and we need more than just having warships in the regions to build that the terrorist regime up i think in order to enforce certain red lines we need to have people on board the ships and i think you know vessel protection teams might be
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a way moving forward they could be contractors they could be armed personnel in uniform but that's the only way you can create a deterrence by denial regime because by just posturing and putting a few warships in place that's not going to stop the g.c. from doing what they have been doing over the last 2 months yeah i must have a question in tehran what is the overall iranian strategy here on the one hand you have foreign minister zarif was in new york talking diplomacy and on the other hand you have the revolutionary guards making all these moves in the strait of hormuz what is iran trying to achieve what is the message here. or 1st and foremost this is a wrong understanding of the situation this is not the i.r.g.c. and remember they just say that spin fishing boat from the private sector filing a complaint to the state through on shipping and maritime organization the judiciary the court has issued a ruling this is the state that standing behind this is stance and i'll explain it why but before that as you just mentioned mr zarif he just few minutes ago he
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posted a tweet where he asked the british to stop their aid and helps in assistance to the united states economic terrorism against iran if they want to see their you know if they don't want to see any similar events in future because the point here is that iranians have shifted their strategies since a couple of months ago iranians waited for talks busy and they had talks for decades then they waited for the merits of the nuclear deal and they showed tolerance that they call strategic tolerance but they came to realize that they are just in compliance and the nuclear deal that was supposed to be a win win game now it has become a win lose game so they'll rush if that strategy to show that the time and the era of heat and run is gone right that it's not just in the military field but in
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political economic and this is part of the real going on eof at a time when when iran was was it seems that gaining allies with the with the germans and the french who were trying to find a way to 2nd vent the u.s. sanctions do these moves really pay off. they have never ever done anything they've just been expressing political support for the nuclear deal but as another effective done nothing in support of economic moves to cause operate with tehran despite all their 11 promises of cooperation after the nuclear deal was abrogated by the united states and that's a violation of the nuclear deal by the way tehran rest assured that if it doesn't change this balance the situation with continue as such i mean similar to the status go and it would be forced on their pressures to comply with the nuclear deal it is sending a message to the europeans that if the nuclear deal is valuable they should do
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something and make the cost pay the cost to keep it alive otherwise they may not pressure to iran and expect iran to do nothing and endure the pressures in exchange for not only the royal is sending this great message to the europeans ok joel rubin a your response to what a question has just said on the iranian strategy is iran being counter-intuitive here. well it's hard to see what alternatives the iranians believe they have but they do have alternatives and. attacking the europeans as the foreign minister just is not the right approach if you want to build alliances against the american policy they're actually pushing the europeans towards the american policy which i think is a wrong headed policy i see our policy right now is driving this conversation in this direction and there are no good military solutions the this idea that somehow ships and planes and drones are going to resolve the long simmering tensions that
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we have with iran related to its nuclear program related to its regional activities that's just a fantasy we need hard headed diplomacy and we need to be engaging but for iran to undermine its european allies right now this is not going to help advance its cause right but the iranians are saying that for any talks with the u.s. to happen because the top administration of course has said that he wants to negotiate negotiate the nuclear deal with no preconditions but the iranians say that for for that to happen that the sanctions need to be lifted some sanctions needs to be lifted do you see the administration giving up giving away or you know some of these sanctions at some point. well i think that trump a minister should she go back right now into the nuclear deal and and get to a next wave of nuclear negotiation so could there be improvement yes will there be will it help ministration do it there are no signals that they want to there have been some tiny signals though and that's for example senator rand paul
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a republican ally of the president did speak with the foreign minister and who knows where they've come out on this but we need to find paths to get into a discussion this president has said he wants to talk i don't believe it's fully genuine that said maybe the iranians should try it but we're in a space right now where the united states the same is that we have acted in violation of the nuclear deal they are causing this situation but this situation as we're watching it is leading us into a direct military conflict that really is not going to have any winners and craig in london where does this leave the europeans especially france and germany who have been trying to keep the j.c. peel lay alive they've expressed solidarity with the u.k. in the states a sense against what happens now as far as the european 2nd set good question is i mean we all agree i think that maximum pressure let to maximum resistance and that's not going to go anywhere and the problem is that we've exploited all other
9:42 am
means of diplomatic engagement and i think the europeans realize that and the reason the iranians are behaving the way that they are behaving is because they feel like they're with the back against the wall they have nothing to lose anymore because you know they're living on the maximum sanctions it is hurting them it's for them they consider it an act of war and terrorism as they've set publicly so what can the europeans do in order to selvage that deal is basically allowing the benefits that were promised to the iranians to actually trickle down and and get to the people of iran that hasn't happened so far the in this. index. indeed x. that they were trying to set. this kind of mechanism to allow for funds to come in bypassing the sanctions regime by the americans by passing dollar sanctions hasn't really worked so far it is a concept nobody knows how it whether and to what extent it is actionable considering that companies in europe will have to faced with the question if they do business with iran they cannot do business in dollar markets particular knighted
9:43 am
states and they know that there is very little in terms of incentive in doing business in iran because businesses there will be relatively limited and at the same time they might lose out on a lot more lucrative contracts in the united states so that in itself hasn't worked out this meccan i don't see whether they're this mechanism can actually get of the ground and by just talking and not delivering they haven't given the iranians a lifeline and i think to run for the most but as given up the hope that there is something coming out of europe from the eve 3 that might be actionable all right must have a question. andrea says that tehran has given up hope so how far they willing to take on this will iran go as far as closing up the strait of hormuz well 1st and foremost what would a what what were of people in london thinking when they seized the iranian supertanker at the request of the united states what did the expect iran to do did they expect that iran would sit i believe and do nothing would of course iranians
9:44 am
tolerate it that for our few days and there was a good hope that the u.k. could reverse the whole situation and course of actions on thursday through courts ruling by the gibraltar court released the uranium tanker and that would be escalate the situation now the u.k. seems to be very much worried about post brics it economic problems that it would have saw it needs the united states march right and they are dealing with this it with the u.s. that's run by the president. and so they are i mean president trump and they are treating the right now german hunt is approaching to iran with an arrogant language posing very serious threats to tehran that they would show a robust response that is not going to work it would backfire and he would you know i create this situation let me give joe robotically washington let me let me give
9:45 am
you the final sentence yes and go on final sentence of the last sentence is what's wrong with the language of respect if the u.k. shows good intention releases the iranian supertanker and shows that it's willing for diplomacy i believe then iranians would try to have a positive look at the situation of this istana carol tanker ok joe rubin in washington you have the last word careful calculations right now by the british authorities at the same time the u.s. defense department has confirmed that it's deploying u.s. forces in saudi arabia to provide an additional deterrent they say to to the threat in the region you know does this deployment not fuel risking not fuel the risk of a full scale conflict. well it's all heading in the wrong direction and the signals of sending military forces to the region is completely counter to the idea that we're going to increase diplomacy these aren't forces that are going to lead to
9:46 am
a ground invasion it's a small number less than a 1000 the danger here is that something big is going to happen it was something big happens that mobilizes the forces in a bigger way and then we have a real major conflict and they're running as they have other cards to play they have the nuclear program it's restart even more aggressively in the u.s. we have other cards to play the president believes that he can use our military in ways that he has publicly stated would be overwhelming and so this is a danger moment and this is where the europeans should be stepping in more aggressively diplomatically rather than creating more tensions and more dynamics on the shipping lanes i will leave it there gentlemen thank you very much for a very interesting discussion. andrea's creek and jill valving thank you very much and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the sitting our web site at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for inside story you can of course also join
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the conversation on twitter handle is that ha inside story from the fully back to one whole team thank you for watching life and. i. close to god just to be because. he has to rely on their expertise with snakes. with help with their traditional music and down
9:48 am
to adapt and survive in. practice tans the dancers on how to c. m how he and in doha the top stories on al-jazeera u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt says warning of dangers to international shipping after a british flag tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz once called it a hostile acts and is expected to announce further measures against iran on monday . this is about safety and security british international shipping and one
9:49 am
of the most important seaways in the world. that is why we are calling on iran to reverse this illegal we are looking for ways to deescalate the situation but we are also very clear that we will do what it takes to ensure the safety and security of british and international shipping. well iran says it was simply upholding international maritime law when it sees the vessel or such a bar has more from to her on the iranians have said that there was tanker had turned off the tracking devices and it was not responding to any communications that were trying to be made with the crew onboard the iranian society decided to seize this vessel because they said it was traveling in the wrong maritime direction and also it was not responding to any of the calls they seize this vessel and took it to the nearby support city of bandar up os where the $23.00 crew members are now still there waiting to be questioned by the authorities the foreign
9:50 am
ministers about 3 friends also commented saying that this is a very very different incident the waning revolutionary guard was simply upholding international maritime law by seizing this vessel and it is not comparable to what the british navy did in the strait of gibraltar by seizing the iranian oil tanker grace one on july 4th the foreign minister has stressed that the ship will have to go through the proper legal channels in iran before it can be released position or ways on german airline live tons of suspended flights egyptian capital cairo citing security concerns the be a suspension will last 7 days the airline has given those he tells about what's prompted the move. cenozoic he is a foreign policy adviser to gulf state analytics he says the airline's decision could have a long term impact on the economy because egypt's is reliance on tourism. i believe president p.c.
9:51 am
. is really on able to establish or maintain security in a in certain parts of parts of the country especially the time of peninsula and the western desert and what i was looking at the state department u.s. state department travel advisory website if that is but as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually gone to me by going back to what i was saying i don't think kyra is able to maintain security or separation security in some parts of the country. that's a main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq has been arrested accuses muslim dogs on the home at this issues of the killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people wouldn't say it's believed the suspects are members of the ons kurdistan
9:52 am
workers party or p.k. case tens of thousands of people have rallies in london and a march against leaving the european union i am summoned to become the next prime minister organized to say they want to send a pro hero message to boris johnson. more than 20000 people have protested in moscow over the city's council elections the electoral commission refused to put around 30 popular opposition candidates on the ballots barred hopefuls claim they secured the required number of signatures to run but were excluded for not being loyal to president vladimir putin. the u.s. has used the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing to announce a new nasa space capsule is ready for a future manned missions ice president mike pence was joined by the son of neil armstrong the 1st man to set foot on the moon and astronauts buzz aldrin that's the apollo 11 launch sites in florida. well those are the headlines the news
9:53 am
continues here on al-jazeera after the last drop stay with us. along. can you months i'm going to get thrown off that is pretty. i think since i called are they spending also think of who they want to give you can never. take
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sneaking solar cell these. people stare at it all. in the hopes want to sell his home. if you don't know how to take on the critic you take umbrage this you dog paul all asian. cherries the dog the penguin nouvelle police the battle of britain. in the last 15 years increasingly they're released we could call a spontaneous emergent tract global trial of water and means politicians which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into public cans only until a few years ago privatization was the only game in town. position secondly to police and everything. and i went through that in the study what he
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said a body should have been actually did a study by users from forth and that everybody there did i want to offer in the face of those who are low but if i didn't. get it if they can get it in the middle of. the set up i guess if it will be nice but if i needed to call feast on a small force mega-star like it's becoming more and more. become highly profitable be tradable those people who see everything as something to invest a profit of they want to. be one door.
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water is the driving force of life. and natural resource that is scarce and to which 110th of people on earth have no access to. the question of its management that is who will be the provider of water to the big cities has become a major factor. for over a century water has been the domain of private companies but since 2000 something has begun to change. the. 94 cases of these awful fronts. and i think that this is quite
9:57 am
important as a challenge especially because france is the country that has invented water brought us asia as we know it to the country that those would have brought our best . the paris cholera outbreak of 1832 left 20000 out. it was the catalyst that led to a technological revolution. the 1st. drinking water to. move.
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past. 2 of the world's largest private. so. look for more lessons see.
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this was all cindy looked more. but up but up bulletin a college student at goldsmiths this woman what would you have been. rejected deborah. voted to. pass. should. be pretty of you very excited about it.
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was a trade. when he started publicly condemning his own company's practices. that's cost him his job and led to a long legal battle that resulted in his dismissal and then rehiring by veolia. back did you even do daily mail for did you know a man few last year extraordinary. going to get. a prison. it all gloom do know uncle does the law because he liked a lot. of it over there. that it would sound like over morse.


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